Modern Lease Accounting
& Lease Management

Spacebase is a modern lease accounting and lease management solution that's built around how teams work. Our customers like that we're user-friendly, customizable, and easy to implement.

Lease management dashboard
Lease management dashboard

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"Spacebase is a great service. I have been using the platform for two years and it’s a very effective way for me and my team members to keep track of our rent, leases and other important real estate files. The account team is always on hand to assist with outstanding customer service. Great job, Spacebase!"

LaToya Wilson

Manager, Global Office Services

Why Spacebase

Here's what our clients say they love about our platform

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User Friendly

We're a product and engineering driven company, and making sure our product is always user-friendly is at the top of our priority list.

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Team-Based Platform

Our platform helps teams collaborate and build workflows around a shared set of portfolio data.

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Built-in customizations and reporting allow you to track and report all of the data that's unique to your business.

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We make it easy to integrate Spacebase with your existing applications, including Workday, NetSuite, and Oracle.

Modern lease accounting based on ASC 842 standard

Built in collaboration with some of the best accounting and finance teams in the world

Lease classification

Classify leases as operating, finance, or short-term leases using guided checklist.

Journal entries and reports

Export journal entries, amortization schedules, and disclosure requirements.

Lease measurement

Measure initial and current ROU asset and lease liability throughout lease term.

Lease payments

Set discount rate and track lease payments, incentives, and lease components.


Integrate with existing accounting and AP applications, including NetSuite, Workday, and Oracle.

Controls and workflow

Review and approval workflow to provide appropriate controls for accounting teams.

Controls you can rely on

Our SOC report, third party pen tests, and security program give our clients assurance that they can rely on our controls and platform to ensure the security and integrity of their data.

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"Spacebase's intuitive, mobile-optimized lease administration system has become our system of choice, saving us time and helping us make data-driven real estate decisions."

Pierce Neinken

Head of Global Portfolio Management

Modern lease management to track your portfolio

Built in collaboration with some of the best real estate and workplace teams in the world

Critical dates and options

Track and manage any type of critical date or option notice period across your portfolio.

Email notifications

Receive email notifications for all critical dates and option notice periods.

Manage lease expenses

Manage rent and variable expenses with the ability to integrate with your existing AP software.

Custom reports and exports

Build custom reports and exports to enable access to the data your team needs.

Headcount and utilization

Track headcount and utilization with the ability to integrate with your HCIM.


Integrate your Spacebase account with your existing finance, accounting, and HR applications.

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Integrate with your existing software

Our API and customization options make it easy to integrate your portfolio data with your existing applications. Import and export rent and variable expenses, book journal entries, import headcount, set up Single Sign-On and more.

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