Track and manage all your real estate expenses


Spacebase provides a full rent schedule to stay on top of all your lease rent payments, but lease expenses often extend well beyond rent. Most offices also have operating expenses or capital expenditures as well, with their own sets of payees, due dates, and obligations. A single lease can somtimes have over a dozen individual expenses that must all be carefully monitored and managed to ensure that you never miss a critical payment. Spacebase helps you easily track all your lease expenses, stay on top of all your upcoming payments, and compare expenses across your portfolio.

Operating Expenses

Operating expenses can include a wide range of costs that any given space will incur, including repairs, utilities, common area maintenance, and property insurance. Some OPEX will be incurred on a regular (montly, quarterly) basis and need to be scheduled into future cost projections. Others are one-off unplanned expenses that should also be tracked and factored into overall costs. Spacebase expense tracking makes it easy to do both, so that all operating expenses are included and accounted for.

Capital Expenditures

Capital expenditures on physical goods, services, or space upgrades can often be tricky to compile, categorize, and budget. Spacebase's built-in CAPEX featues allow you to include all your capital expeditures in one place, with enough flexibility to account for depreciation, asset retirement, or tenant improvement projects.

GAAP Compliance

OPEX and CAPEX can greatly complicate financial accounting for real estate expenses. For companies operating in line with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), monthly expense accounting may not match up with payment and invoicing dates, leading to divergences between the data needed for operational and accounting purposes. Spacebase allows users to view all their data in GAAP format with the push of a button, ensuring that both real estate and accounting teams can access the expense data they need with minimal effort.

Upload and Done

Unlike most other lease management platforms, we identify, categorize, and display your rent payments automatically from your lease, with no manual input required. Just upload your lease and wait for the expense information to show up on your dashboard.

Any expenses can be easily and instantly downloaded as a CSV file and exported to be used with your own spreadsheet or analytics software, so you can analyze or edit the data however you see fit, whenever you like.