Manage access across your organization


Real estate teams can often span multiple regions, departments, and specialties. This can complicate the process of giving team members access to the information and tools they need while restricting access to other regions or jurisdictions. In addition, data often needs to be presented to outside teams who may need to see granular information without being able to edit or otherwise affect the data. Spacebase makes it easy to manage permissions for your users, group them into teams, restrict editing priveleges, and limit access by region, country, or city.


Team features include:

Create additional users
Manage permissions
Custom notifications
Manage team members
Provide read-only access
Create region-based groups
Remove or restrict users
Track total team usage

Granular Permissions

User access can be limited to particlar leases, geographies or other custom categories, to effectively empower local teams to manage or view lease information in their given area of jurisdiction, while restricting company-wide data to select users. Permissions can be updated easily any time to expand or restrict the leases available to a given user, to ensure that user access is always in line with their responsibilities.

Create Teams

Group your users into distinct teams with shared permission levels to make it easy to manage large groups of users effectively. Create teams for legal and finance departments, or users that deal with particular aspects of a lease such as capital expenditures or upkeep. Regional teams can also be used to effectively group all users working within a particular geographic area to share data more effectively with each other. Users can also be added to multiple teams at the same time, and can be included in the Portfolio Admin team to be given total control over all aspects of the account.

Customize Notifications

Set email notification settings for each team, to ensure that team members get precisely the amount and frequency of information they require. Team notifications can be customized to deliver information on particular types of critical dates, such as commencements, expirations, effective dates, security deposits, or letter of credit reductions. Custom date categories can also be included or excluded from particular teams. Add a user to multiple teams to customize individual critical date notifications for users in multiple teams.

Streamline Your Reporting

Finance, legal, and other departments may require access to lease information but may not need editing privileges. Spacebase makes it easy to add users that can access lease data without edit permissions, to help maintain data integrity and limit the number of people that can change lease information.

Activity Tracking

User updates to lease information such as headcount, capacity, or area are logged and displayed on that lease's dashboard, to ensure that the team is properly apprised of any changes, and to prevent against accidental or unwarranted changes to sensitive lease information. This activity tracking allows managers to delegate access to other employees without worrying that data will be adversely affected or improperly changed.