Store and retrieve all your lease data and files


Effective lease administration means staying on top of all the data in your leases, but sometimes the lease files themselves can be important too. Real estate teams sometimes need access to the specific language in a lease to better determine their rights and obligations, or to resolve disputes about payments or deadlines. In addition, the lease itself - and any associated amendments - are fundamentally important documents to retain, and need to be stored in a secure but easily-accessible space. Spacebase ensures that all your relevant lease files are securely stored on our site, and effectively integrated with all the data on the site.

Spacebase's citations feature allows user to immediately identify which lease section(s) correspond to the data they're looking at it. Users can click any citation to be taken to the exact section in the lease or other file where that information is references, giving you easy and instant access to any document information that you need, whenever you need it.

Upload and Done

Any files you upload to Spacebase are automatically added to the portfolio of any lease they're associated with. Leases and amendments will be automatically abstracted, so any lease with pertinent new data will be included in your overall portfolio within two weeks. Other files, such as floorplans or internal company documents, can also be added to a given lease, so that the Lease Files section can serve as a complete repository of all documentation related a single lease. Any uploaded documents are available for instant access or download from the lease page.

Update Existing Leases

Leases are often subject to additional documents, amendments or changes. Spacebase ensures that any additional documentation can be added to existing lease file sets at any time; simply upload the new files and identify the lease they belong to, and we'll take care of the rest. Keep all your lease files in one place for easy referencing and secure storage.

Citation Linking

Lease clauses, critical dates, expenses, and contacts sometimes refer to specific sections of a lease document. When this is the case, citation links allow a user to immediately pull up the relevant section of the document itself, to see the original wording and its broader context. Citations can be manually added or updated by users to provide customized navigation of all lease information.

Lease Clauses

Spacebase automatically identifies and abstracts key lease clauses that are included in lease files, including clauses on Common Area Maintenance, Damage, Estoppel, Insurance, Renewal, Repair, Rights to Purchase or Relocate, Security Deposit, Taxes, Termination, and Utilities. Each of these clauses will be extracted and presented in the Lease Clause section for each lease's dashboard, along with links to the original wording in the lease document. Users can also identify and add additional lease clauses as they see fit, to ensure that the lease documents are fully integrated into the site and easy to navigate.