Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Customized dashboard reports at the touch of a button

Spacebase dashboard


Real Estate teams have to process remarkable amounts of information. Each lease contains dozens (or hundreds) of data points, including critical dates, rent payments, expenses, lease clauses, rights and obligations, upcoming or ongoing projects, contacts, etc. All this data needs to be compiled, organized, aggregated, and compared across leases in order to facilitate long-term real estate planning and short-term decision-making. For many companies, accessing and compiling this data is generally a time-intensive process requiring hours searching for data and compiling relevant information.

Spasebase makes it easy to see all the information you need right on your dashboard. The customizable interface provides high-level analytics, aggregate data, team updates, reporting graphics, and alerts on upcoming issues, all designed to save you time and assist in planning and reporting. and ensuring that you're always on top of your entire real estate portfolio, and ready to produce a report at the touch of a button.


Upcoming alerts
Displays customizable alerts such as important dates or headcount/capacity
Lease notes
Aggregates user's notes about latest actions or changes to any leases
Critical dates
Displays important upcoming dates including Commencements, Renewal Options, Termination Options, and Expirations
Portfolio summary
Provides a summary of key portfolio metrics
Rent and other expenses
Displays rent obligations due for the current month, year, and remainder of lease terms
Graphs and analytics
Includes graphs and projections of portfolio metrics, filterable by region, city, lease type, etc.

Alerts and notifications

Spacebase automatically identifies important and upcoming dates or payments, and displays them right at the top of the dashboard to ensure that you never miss or overlook important lease information. Alerts are selectively shown to team members with appropriate access to the lease data they correspend to, but can also be customized to include custom data or fields, so that only the most important information is shown to you at any given time.

Lease Notes

The dashboard shows the latest actions and notes of all users on your team, so you can see whenever someone on your team has updated the headcount on a property, or has asked a question about a particular lease clause. The lease notes system allows you to easily communicate with all other users and stay on top of all real estate activity, ensuring communication between all involved parties on all leasing issues.

Intuitive Smart Search

Never spend hours looking for lease information again. Search for specific leases and dates directly from the dashboard, and SmartSearch will identify exactly the information you're looking for, providing you with easy access to any date, expense, contact, lease clause, or other pertinent lease data within seconds. Search results also contain links to the pertinent sections of any uploaded lease files so you can reference the original language along with the presented data when you need more granular information.

Graphs and Analytics

The dashboard provides a quick summary of aggregate portfolio data, such as your total square footage, number of active leases, average rent per square foot, headcount/capacity nunbers, and much more. The included charts also help manage current operations with a one-year rent payable schedule, and facilitate long-term planning with a graph of when current leases are expiring, and their corresponding square footage.


Real estate teams often need to provide information and data to other departments while in meetings or out of the office. Spacebase is designed to be easily and intuitively used on your phone, so you can get the exact data you need when you're on the go or just away from your desk. Users can immediately respond to questions or handle upcoming issues whenever the need arises.