Never miss a critical date from any of your leases again

Spacebase dashboard


A key part of lease management is staying on top of all the critical dates associated with your company's leases. For example, most lease agreements include specified timelines for lease commencement, renewal, and termination, and missing any of these dates can have serious consequences for your business, including penalty fees, administrative headaches, and potentially even an unexpected and unplanned eviction. Let's look at a few ways that missing a critical date can have a potentially disastrous impact your business:

  • Termination Option: Missing an opportunity to back out of an unwanted lease can potentially cost a business millions of dollars in unanticipated and unneeded real estate expenses.
  • Renewal Notice: Missing the chance to renew a needed lease can force a business out of their current location, requiring an expensive search for new office space in potentially unfavorable market conditions.
  • Rent Payments: Overlooking a single rent payment can cause a busines to incur heavy fees, and jeopardize its financial standing with its landlord.

Staying on top of these dates can therefore have significant affects on not just your real estate planning, but the broader business as well. It's important to consider how best to manage your dates in a way that is easy to recall, easy to access, and easy to update whenever new leases are added or circmstances change.

Spacebase believes in making the process as intuitive and painless as possible, which is why we automatically track all your critical dates, and remind you of any upcoming important issues, so you never have to worry about missing a critical date again.

Critical Date Categories

Here are just a few of the critical dates that we automatically track for you:

Possession Date
Expansion Option
Lease Commencement
Lease Expiration
Lease Renewal
Rent Adjustment
Rent Commencement
Security Deposit
Tenant Improvement Allowance
Termination Option

Customize Your Date Categories

Though Spacebase includes all the main critical date categories we believe you need, the site is also designed to be highly customizable and personalized. If there are additional categories you want, simply create a new custom critical date category and fill in the dates you need that correspend with that category. We'll be sure to track your custom categories along with all our regular ones, and you'll receive the same notifications and alerts for any custom data you put in.

Email Notifications

Get critical date notifications emailed to you and other team members. Emails contain all critical dates in the coming weeks, and go to any team member on Spacebase who is authorized to view data for that lease. The site allows you to easily customize which team members receive what information, and whether you'd like to be notified of upcoming critical dates on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Dashboard Alerts

Upcoming dates are also displayed prominently at the top of your dashboard, making sure that upcoming issues are the first things you see and at the top of your priority list.

Upload and Done

Unlike most other lease management platforms, we identify, categorize, and display your critical dates automatically from your lease, with no manual input required. Just upload your lease and wait for the dates to show up on your dashboard. When your lease is uploaded into our system, all relevant data including critical dates is extracted from the document and added into your account. Dates are added categorized by time for easy filtering, and always associated with relevant leases, to ensure that you can see all your relevant lease dates at a glance. The data is also added to your calendar view, to make it easier to see and understand all your upcoming dates and how they relate to each other.

Confirm Your Data

Any dates not explicitly mentioned in the lease documentation, such as possession dates, will be presented to you to identify and approve. This novel feature ensures that your data is 100% complete, and that our coverage of all your critical dates as as comprehensive as possible, even beyond what's explicitly present in your lease.