Keep track of all past and future rent payments


Managing leases means managing rent payments. Each lease in your portfolio will likely have multiple rent payments, which may have different amounts for start and end dates. Each lease may have payments that occur on a different date, and payable to a different landlord. Managing all these rent payments can quickly become an overwhelming administrative task, but missing even a single payment can sometimes have disastrous consequences for your real estate planning and your business as a whole.

Spacebase provides an easy-to-use and intuitive design to see all past and upcoming rent schedules for each of your leases, allowing you to quickly see what payments are upcoming, the amount of each rent expense, and how it compares to the rent expenses of the rest of your portfolio. The easy-to-use rent payment schedule also auto-generates invoices for each rent payment, to streamline and simplify your accounts payable management.


View payment history
View summary data
Filter by date or region
Create invoices
Store payee information
Receive payment alerts
Add new rent payments
Project future expenses

See the Data You Need

View individual rent expenses, the total rent payments for a given lease, all payments for a given month, or only the payments in a particular geographic region. Intuitive filtering and analytics allow you to look at exactly the data you need, and easily compare rent payments over time or between different regions.

Email Notifications

Get notifications about upcoming rent payments emailed to you and other team members to make sure you never miss a rent payment again. Emails contain all rent payments in the coming weeks, and are delivered to any Spacebase users who are authorized to view data for that lease. Managers can easily customize the information received by each team member, and change the scheduling of emails to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Upload and Done

Unlike most other lease management platforms, we identify, categorize, and display your rent payments automatically from your lease, with no manual input required. Just upload your lease and wait for the rent schedule to show up on your dashboard.

When your lease is uploaded into our system, all relevant data including your rent payments are extracted from the document and added into your account. Within days, all upcoming rent payments associated with your lease will be available for you in your Rent Schedule, as well as the Expenses page along with other associated monthly expenses.

Store and Convert Foreign Currencies

Spacebase also works with payments in most major foreign currencies, storing your payments in the currency of your choice but also giving you the option to convert given payments to USD in order to compare costs across your entire portfolio. Currency exchange rates are automatically updated daily to give you the most accurate picture possible of your overall rent obligations.

Export Your Data

With the click of a button, you can download all your rent payments data as a CSV file, to use offline or share with others. You own your data, so you can analyze and interpret the raw data however you like.